Nice things people say.....

"Paul Reitano is not a normal guy.  Be glad for that, your wedding memories won’t look like everyone else’s and you won’t spend hours with some yawn-able jackhole.  I should know.  Paul captured our wedding at thePhiladelphia Ethical Society in black and white back in 1999, one of his first wedding gigs. Looking back at those images, I wholly feel that day: surreal, evolving, loved.  I don’t even remember Paul shooting the ceremony, which is pretty stealth for someone who is otherwise so filled with big life.  It’s still true 20 years later.  I should know.  Paul invited me to second shoot a wedding last year and I owe my life to him. I do!  Had he not plied me with Gatorade, power bars and joyful encouragement, I might not be here with the news that he brought that level of zest to every part of the day, from set-up to break-down.  To Paul, this isn’t a rote job, it’s capturing the zeitgeist, so you can look back 20 years later and feel it like I do."  - Lynne C.

"We didn't have, nor desire to have, the typicalwedding. We wanted something that reflected us, our taste, and our lifestyle.Something scaled down and simple, yet still timeless and classic. Paul wastherefore a natural fit for capturing the essence of our day. Paul is the kindof professional who knows when to guide, and when to observe. I often didn'teven know he was taking pictures, and was then delighted to find all the tendermoments that he captured. Some, I even missed myself! My photos are filledwith beautiful, easy portraits of the people I love most. 

I knew I could trust Paul to follow hisinstinct, and I could be free to enjoy the day. Paul also has an adventurousspirit, and was completely game when my husband and I wanted to leave ourwedding in a getaway car, and escape to our closest city. He followed us foranother round of photos, leading to some of the most exquisite pictures takenin an art gallery (completely spontaneous!). 

The most difficult part of having Paul as ourwedding photographer has been choosing which photos to frame and display, so werotate them throughout the year. Six years later, I still get joy out ofhearing people say how beautiful and unique our various photos are. I'mgrateful that Paul was available to preserve the memories of our wedding day,and to help craft it into art." - Lynn V.L

"I have known Paul since I was a teenager,working together at a local hotel in suburban Philadelphia. Every since thefirst days of knowing Paul, he has always been an amazing person and friend notonly to me, but my entire family. As the years have gone on, that friendshiphas endured. 

When it came time for my now wife and I tostart making wedding arrangements, there was no doubt my friend, Paul, would beapart of our special day. His sense of humor, his eye for that perfect candidmoment, and his outstanding ability to capture moments we often find tofleeting, are what makes Paul the perfect photographer. 

His dedication to his clients is second tonone, as he drove all around the Finger Lakes of upstate NY to capture my wifegetting prepped and pampered the day of the wedding, to his laughter andamazing soul in getting my groomsman to laugh, and for me to stay calm, werememories I could never replace. Every year on our anniversary, my wife and Iopen the beautiful wedding book Paul crafted for us, with all the photos fromthe weekend, and marvel at his ability. From his group photos, to the candidshots of pure joy, and most importantly his black and white photos, Paul hasallowed us to live those memories again and again. I thank you my dear friendand will always cherish the fact that you were the one behind the lens." - Ryan 

"Paulhas captured many special moments in our life!  From Birthdays to Baptismsto the one and only Wedding Week! We traveled to Punta Cana to be married beachside with 60 of our friends and family. I was so excited and relieved to havePaul join the fun and be our photographer! Paul captured every gorgeous momentof our destination wedding, beginning with the wedding prep and first sight,without not even missing a moment of the ceremony, cocktail hour, and the poolside party! Not only did Paul do an amazing job on our Wedding Day but heabsolutely nailed the Trash The Dress shot the following day!  I couldn'timagine trusting anyone else to capture our wedding memories and I'm forevergrateful that I didn't have to!" - Rachel

"Paul exceeded mydaughter’s (and my) wildest dreams!  Hisphotography so perfectly captured the beauty of the day, the relationship of mydaughter and her husband and every moment of the celebration.  Paul has a unique ability to captureemotions.  It is truly incredible!  He has a wonderful eye.  Paul is also extremely intuitive and can readpeople’s needs and desires amazingly well. He is also a very funny guy who puts people at ease while remaining theconsummate professional.     I would say95% of the shots were candid and they were amazing.   I also particularly love his black and whitephotography.  It is stunning!

I love Paul and was so gratefulhe could be with us that day.  He drovedown from his home in Massachusetts and was with us from getting ready in themorning until the end of the reception. You will not find someone who cares more about making the wedding daymemories ones you will cherish for a lifetime.  The wedding album is a work of art." - Kathy

"If I had ourwedding to do over again, I would have Paul as our photographer all over again.I had met Paul only once or twice prior to our wedding, however the day of thewedding I felt like I had known Paul for years. Being that the morning ofanyone's wedding can be stressful, Paul seamlessly rolled with the punches. Hehung with a room full of women and never once flinched (because being in a roomof high-strung women can make any man fold.) Paul was able to capture the mostbeautiful moments of our wedding, and gave direction for the pictures in aclear and concise way that made everything feel very natural. After the weddinghe got all of our wedding photos back in a timely manner. Four years later I amstill in awe of the pictures. If you are looking for a photographer, pleaselook no further- Paul Reitano is the man to see." - Kelly

"We are so grateful to Paul for our beautiful wedding photos. Not only did he capture gorgeous shots, but he helped to keep me, the bride, sane! I was pretty nervous that morning and Paul brought his fun spirit to the day and helped me to take in everything that was happening. Also, Paul was able to get the most perfect photo of our blended family. Our daughter has autism and over stimulation can be stressful for her. I wasn’t sure that we’d get a photo of all of us given all of the activity of the day. However, but Paul pulled it off and the result is the beautiful family photo!" - Diane

"We had a rural,rustic wedding celebration that was all about friends, family, and fun- andPaul captured it perfectly. He distilled the casual intimacy of the celebrationin the portraits of myself and my wife just as effectively as the photos of uson the dance floor. He has an excellent eye for what's truly important tocapture, and the album he made for us still has pride of place on our coffeetable." -  Alex 

"I've beenfortunate to work with many talented photographers over my career as a writer,and I've come to learn that capturing images that excite and light me upafterward requires a balance of creativity and authenticity from thephotographer. My short time with Paul proved fruitful in this -- walking in thewoods for an hour, he was engaging, calming, and genuine while continuallysetting us up for beautiful shots. He respected the needs of my illness anddisability without question, and incorporated their presence into the shoot,too. We finished with images that captured an aspect of my whole-human-ness noother photographer has. I'm thankful and thrilled." - Jacqueline Raposo, author The Me Without

"As a guy who scowls when confronted with a lens, I wasapprehensive about Paul Reitano coming to my house to take a photo I needed forthe cover of my novel. Paul knows how to break an uptight demeanor down intosomething natural and relaxed. He does this not only with limitless enthusiasmfor his art, but for his own high standards. Paul will not give up until hegets not only what he wants, but what you want as well. If you need aphotographer who will capture what lies beneath the surface, then latch ontoPaul Reitano. " - Vincent Panella, author  Sicilian Dreams

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